Advisory Solutions

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Advisory Solutions

  • Value based Healthcare (Triple Value Healthcare)

  • Population Healthcare

  • Culture change

  • Designing and Building outcomes-based healthcare systems

  • Organisational Change/Transformation

  • Integration

  • Accountable Care Systems

  • Resource Allocation

  • Disinvestment

  • Funding innovation

  • Leadership

  • Personalised and precision medicine

Better Value Healthcare are focused on building our client’s capabilities rather than building dependencies.

We expect our clients to be committed individually and collectively in the organisation to work hard to drive change, to build capabilities, to take responsibility for the change that the organisation/healthcare community needs and to not give up when you experience setbacks during the process.

Our process works, and our highly experienced staff and associates will work with you and help you and your team build your capabilities, to identify the key problems you can influence and to use our tried and tested methods to create change and embed a culture of sustainable improvement in your healthcare system.

Our approach consists of a four-phase transformation programme, as shown below, which develops the capabilities of an organisations leaders to use Triple Value to tackle your problem, our four-phase programme uses a tried and tested approach, for National System Transformation used in England, Italy and currently in use in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.