Book of the month: 01 June 2018

Muir Gray’s book of the month is: How much is enough; shaping the defense system 1961-1969 by Alain C Enthoven and K Wayne Smith (1971) Rand

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[the six basic ideas of] a Planning Programming Budgeting System:
1. decision making based on explicit criteria in the national interest
2. the consideration of the needs and costs together
3. the explicit consideration of alternatives at the top level
4. active use of analytic staff at the policy making top level
5. a plan…which projected into the future the foreseeable implications of current decisions
6. each analysis should be made open to all interested parties

The NHS RightCare initiative promoted the use of programme planning principally to engage the commissioners in thinking about allocative value and the allocation between programmes, still 1.5 to 2.0, and the clinician and patient community in thinking about allocative value within each programme.