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Book of the month: 01 June 2018

Muir Gray's book of the month is: How much is enough; shaping the defense system 1961-1969 by Alain C Enthoven and K Wayne Smith (1971) Rand Listen to the accompanying podcast on SoundCloud above or click here [the six basic ideas of] a Planning Programming Budgeting System: 1. decision making based on explicit criteria in the national interest 2. the consideration of the needs and costs together 3. the [...]

Setting Limits Fairly: Learning to Share Resources for Health

Daniels, N. and Sabin, J.E. (2008) Setting Limits Fairly, Learning to Share Resources for Health. (p44) Oxford University Press. Distilled message: “Accountability for reasonableness is the idea that the reasons or rationales for important limit-setting decisions should be publicly available. In addition, these reasons must be ones that ‘fair-minded’ people can agree are relevant to pursuing appropriate patient care under necessary resource constraints. This is our central thesis, and it [...]