Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions 2018-02-06T09:53:10+00:00

The Challenge

Despite clinical advances over the last fifty years, there remain six major problems that affect health systems worldwide;

  • Unwarranted variation
  • Patient harm
  • Inequity
  • Waste
  • Failure to prevent the preventable
  • Rising need and demand

These problems will not be solved by;

  • Injecting more money into healthcare: healthcare budgets are shrinking

  • More medical technology: some new technologies will mitigate the problems, others will aggravate them

  • Structural reorganisation within existing frameworks: the existing healthcare bureaucracies are necessary but not sufficient

The Solution

Achieving value-based healthcare involves a paradigm shift from the bureaucracy-based status quo, to population-based, personalised healthcare. Such a shift requires a focus on triple value, systems, and culture. Better Value Healthcare can help you achieve this paradigm shift through its training and advisory solutions packages

To achieve this paradigm, we need to engage in three new activities:

  • Ensuring that every individual receives high personal value by providing people with full information about the risks and benefits of the intervention on offer

  • Shifting resources from budgets for populations in which there is evidence of overuse or lower value, to budgets for populations in which there is evidence of underuse and inequity

  • Develop population-based systems that: address the needs of all the people in need; implement high value innovation funded by reduced spending on lower value intervention; increase rates of higher value intervention funded by reduced spending on lower value intervention

This process will require: a change in culture, training in new skills and concepts, and the development of a new type of organisation – population-based systems.