Interview with Muir Gray in Healthcare Leader Magazine

Professor Sir Muir Gray has recently been interviewed by Angela Sharda, and features in the December issue of Healthcare Leader magazine.

What should a 21st century NHS look like?

What I would like is for the NHS to be able to answer some questions, such as whether care for people with epilepsy is better in Liverpool or Manchester. Or how many services there are for people at the end of life in London and which the best one is. Whether care for people with asthma is better for people in Somerset or

Devon. Who is responsible for headache in Kent or Doncaster. When I ask how many asthma services we have got, I am told we have 211 CCGs. We have to be clear who is responsible. Then we could find out if the care for people with Parkinson’s is better in East Essex or in Barking or Redbridge and Havering.

Read about his inspirations, views of how the NHS has changed, how it can change for 21st century healthcare, and advice for the next generation of doctors.

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