Paper of the week: 13.07.18

Muir Gray’s paper of the week: Managing the Most Precious Resource in Medicine

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Reference: McMahon, Graham. (2018). Managing the Most Precious Resource in Medicine. New England Journal of Medicine. 378. 10.1056/NEJMe1802899.

Bottom line, chosen by Muir from the paper

Many health care institutions appear to have lost sight of the truism that our health professionals are our most precious resource. With increasing commoditization, commercialization, productivity targets, and administrative burdens, the volunteerism and soul that have typified our profession for generations are suffering. It is increasingly clear that many residents and physicians are focused on surviving rather than thriving.

Implications for value improvement

It is very important to remember that the term resources means much more than money. Other resources include carbon and time, the time of the people we call patients and the time of clinicians. We ignore the latter at our peril.