Setting Limits Fairly: Learning to Share Resources for Health

Daniels, N. and Sabin, J.E. (2008) Setting Limits Fairly, Learning to Share Resources for Health. (p44) Oxford University Press.

Distilled message:

“Accountability for reasonableness is the idea that the reasons or rationales for important limit-setting decisions should be publicly available. In addition, these reasons must be ones that ‘fair-minded’ people can agree are relevant to pursuing appropriate patient care under necessary resource constraints. This is our central thesis, and it needs some explanation. By ‘fair-minded’, we do not simply mean our friends or people who just happen to agree with us. We mean people who in principle seek to cooperate with others on terms they can justify to each other. Indeed, fair-minded people accept rules of the game –or sometimes seek rule changes –that promote the game’s essential skills and the excitement their use produces.”

Why is this book important?

This is one of the most important texts to help you think about decisions that affect allocative efficiency or trying to reach “A situation in which it is not possible to improve the welfare of one person in an economy without making someone else worse off.”