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“Muir Gray is a dynamic and inspiring teacher and has a track record of delivering innovative large scale change programmes. The BVHC programme came with a vast resource of background material and online questions to challenge our clinical senate assembly. The feedback has been excellent and many members of the assembly have commented that it has helped them to think differently about the health and care challenges we face in the East Midlands.”

Nigel Beasley, Co-Chair, East Midlands Clinical Senate, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Nottingham University Hospital

“We have found BVHC’s books, articles and learning resources to be very useful for our needs to establish best practice and since then we have started collaboration with the Karolinksa Institutet. We find working with Muir Gray and the team to be inspiring as he has such excellent communication abilities. The team is inspiring and they have a lot of ready material which is very easy to understand and very well written. They are fantastic at explaining very difficult concepts in a simple and effective way.”

Dr Carlo Favaretti, Società Italiana di Health Technology Assessment

There are a number of key benefits of working with BVHC and these include the significant impact and clarity of thinking of Muir Gray, who is respected by clinical and managerial teams and has been extremely effective in helping the development of our Health Groups. Other benefits include access to online literature and books and also the critical friend relationship. I would certainly recommend working with BVHC, particularly for those health systems which require a step change in their Clinical engagement in the challenges they face.”

Philip Kloer, Hywel Dda UHB - Executive Director of Primary Care, Community, Mental Health Services & Clinical Strategy

“Our partnership, between Counties Manukau DHB (Ko Awatea Innovation and Improvement centre) and BVHC has further developed and adapted these excellent BVHC products for the NZ, Australian and Asia Pacific market. Muir and BVHC are a key, highly regarded part of our work in Asia Pacific, and Muir is a star that attracts delegates to our APAC (Asia Pacific) Quality Forum.”

Jonathon Gray, Director Ko Awatea, Health System Innovation and Improvement, CMDHB, Stevenson Professor of Health Innovation & Improvement, New Zealand

“We have been working closely with BVHC for little under one year and it has been a phenomenal experience and we have learned a lot over the last months. Collaborating with BVHC has helped us to be perceived as a leading Innovation Unit both in Spain and LatAm. In my opinion, BVHC brings the knowledge, the methodology and the leadership required to undertake a major transformational initiative in healthcare. For us, the Hospital Clinico Innovation Unit, it would be unrealistic to consider such a project without a solid alliance with BVHC.”

Professor Julio Mayol, Professor of Surgery at Universidad Complutense de Madrid Medical School