The History of BVHC

The History of BVHC 2018-03-21T14:11:46+00:00

The 2008 global financial collapse was an eye-opener for the world’s healthcare systems.  Healthcare leaders worldwide began to realise that focusing on quality and safety was necessary but not sufficient, particularly in universal healthcare systems where a finite, and often times stagnant or decreasing, budget was needed to provide care for populations that had increasing need and demand.

On the back of this, Professor Sir Muir Gray began the RightCare programme in 2009 to help the English healthcare system adapt to these challenges.  The RightCare programme is the longest standing and most deeply embedded national programme focused on value anywhere in the world and off the success of this programme, Muir found many colleagues from outside of England asking for help and advice on how to introduce and implement value-based healthcare strategies in their systems.

To meet this demand, Better Value Healthcare was founded focusing specifically on helping entities outside of England to implement value-based healthcare in their healthcare systems and since 2011, winning our first contract in New Zealand, we have grown from strength to strength helping healthcare professionals in over 15 countries introduce and implement value-based healthcare. In 2013, we launched our first e-learning platform to reach even more healthcare professionals and have established several strategic partnerships to help expand our reach and impact.